Nathan Sinclair is one of the finest exponents of the Classical and Spanish guitar in the current generation of Australian musicians.  He is that most rarest of talents, merging exquisite technical skill with refined sumptuous artistry to produce music of the highest calibre.  Nathan’s virtuosity on the guitar transcends the instrument itself catapulting his music into an artform that comes purely from within.

Nathan has studied the guitar for over a quarter of a century, mastering its subtle nuances and captivating expressive elements.  He is a Master’s Level trained Classical guitarist first and foremost, this most uncompromising of guitar disciplines taking him all over the world to compete and place in several elite music competitions.   For the last ten years, Nathan’s diverse musical tastes have seen him develop into a complete musician, learning and involving himself in the contemporary art of guitar and world music.  His passion and love for the Flamenco guitar has found a special home within Nathan’s phenomenal technical abilities and his desire to affect his audience.

 n has performed around the world as a soloist, with Symphony orchestras and supported artists of the calibre of Sting.  He is constantly seekingcollaborations with new artists as well as maintaining his own diverse performing tastes.

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